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In order stay up-to-date with the latest terminology and to be able to provide service for a wide variety of subject matter, I maintain an extensive library of specialized dictionaries and other reference materials. The following is a partial list:


Croatian-English Dictionary (Željko Bujas)

Unabridged Dictionary of the Croatian Language (monolingual) with Style Guide Supplement (Vladimir Anić)

Dictionary of Foreign Words in Croatian (Bratoljub Klaić)

Croatian-English Dictionary of Business and Administration (Vladimir Ivir)

English-Croatian Legal Dictionary (Milica Gacić)

Croatian Orthography

Grammar Handbook of Literary Croatian

Croatian-English Maritime Dictionary

English-Croatian / Croatian-English Dictionary of Power Engineering and Engineering Fundamentals (Ljerka Bartolić)

English-Croatian / Croatian-English Dictionary of Shipbuilding, Engineering and Nuclear Technology (Ljerka Bartolić)

English-Croatian / Croatian-English Dictionary of Information Technology (Miroslav Kiš)

English-Croatian / Croatian-English Dictionary of Idiomatic Expression

Croatian-English Dictionary of Agriculture

Encyclopedic English-Croatian Dictionary of Oil and Natural Gas Exploitation (INA Publications)

English-Croatian Medical Dictionary

English-Croatian Dictionary of Electrical Terminology (Zdravko Vlaić)

Croatian-English-German Dictionary of Dental Terminology

Croatian-English-German Dictionary of Architectural and Construction Terminology

English Monolingual Specialized

Blacks Law Dictionary

Steadman's Medical Dictionary


Deutsches Wahrig German Dictionary

Collins Unabridged German-English/English-German Dictionary

German-English Technical Dictionary (Ernst)

German-English Dictionary of Idioms (Schemann)

Duden Bildwörterbuch

Duden Rechtschreibung

Routledge's German-English/English-German Dictonary of Electronics and Information Technology

The German Legal System and Legal Language (Howard Fisher)

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